21-day brain hacking challenge


Nootropics are great, but the work doesn’t stop there... Join our 21-day brain hacking challenge.

Purchase any Simply Nootropics product and join our Free 21 day brain hacking challenge. Our challenge will help you rewire your brain and create long-lasting habits that power you through your day and improve your quality of life. Doing the challenge while taking Simply Nootropics Elevate will dramatically improve your cognitive function, and results.

what will you learn? 

We will teach you how you can hack your brain, and improve performance in your body and mind. We'll educate and challenge you on areas including:

The science behind Simply Nootropics Elevate

Nootropics and how they work

Brain boosting foods and hydration

Improving your sleep 

Breathing exercises

Thermogenesis & more

The challenge will take your journey to the next level and give you long-lasting results.

How does it work?

Purchase any of our products, and we will email you with access to the 21-day challenge. Just click the "get started button" in the exclusive invite, and you will be ready to go. The challenge will start in 2 days, so you have received your products first before you begin. Throughout the 21-day challenge you will learn things you can do to hack your brain and improve performance, you’ll join a community of eager brain hackers, and we’ll also give you a chance to win a years supply of Simply Nootropics just for participating. What are you wanting for? Purchase Simply Nootropics Elevate and start your 21-day brain hacking challenge.

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