Lion's Mane Mushroom

daily active: 200mg

From a culinary delight to its use in traditional Chinese medicine, Lion's mane mushroom contains bioactive substances that are beneficial for the brain, heart and gut. Some of the key benefits include helping to relieve stress and anxiety, helping to promote nerve growth and protect the brain from oxidative damage.

Ho tu gu, or yamabushitake are also names for the Lion’s mane mushroom. Grown throughout Asia this delicacy also has a range of health benefits, especially when concentrated into supplement form.

With bioactives that have beneficial effects on the body, including protection for the brain, promotion of brain cell growth, improvement in mental functioning, and reduction in anxiety.

Lion’s mane also supports the neural network by helping to repair nerve cells.

As an aside with Lion’s mane, it also supports a strong immune system through increasing the activity in the gut.

Lion's Mane Mushroom supplements can be taken in Lion's Mane Mushroom capsules or Lion's Mane Mushroom tablets and purchased online. Simply Nootropcis Elevate includes a daily active of 200mg.

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