simply nootropics story

Simply Nootropics came about as a result of many years of research, trial and error and personal testing, in pursuit of a better life without limitations and barriers. I had a desire to take my life changing experience and create a range of products that can help improve others, making a real positive change in the world.

how did it all start?

From my early twenties, I have launched and ran several high growth companies. I came to a point where I was burning the candle at both ends and soon enough, I burnt out. It felt like I was driving with the hand brake on, and I was held back by my own body and mind. I had to completely rethink how I approached what I was doing. During this time, I discovered nootropics, and it was life changing for me. Trialling different nootropics ingredients and blends over the years imported from all over the world, I noticed some were loaded with caffeine, stimulants and filler ingredients. I just couldn't get the right ingredients from one product. So I set out to create my own with the help of leading neuroscientists and health professionals, something that would make a true difference to myself, friends and family. All of this inspired me to create Simply Nootropics.

Fast-forward to today, and Simply Nootropics is on a mission to help people perform at their best, every day through our world leading nootropics products, education and community.

Anthony Baxter

it's time to take the handbrake off

Simply Nootropics combines neuroscience, complex-systems modelling, neurobiology and organic chemistry. Simply Nootropics Elevate combines 20 natural, research-backed ingredients to give your brain the nutrients it needs to perform at its best every day (and in the long term). We've consulted and hire neuroscientists, natural health leaders and professionals.

The ingredients used in our product are scientifically proven to help your brain enter what is called an "Alpha state". When you are in this state of mind, this is called being in "the zone" or "in flow". Chances are you have experienced this before and felt unstoppable in your thinking and focus. This keeps you locked in, so you can operate better.

Feel in the zone for the whole day (without the crash), Have the natural energy to get more done, and improve your long-term brain health with Simply Nootropics.

our purpose

To help people be at their best every day.

the mission

To simplify the nootropic's industry and make nootropics accessible to everyone.

our beliefs

At Simply Nootropics our key beliefs are what guide our decisions to make world leading products for you.

  • ── Best Self
  • ── Simplicity
  • ──Holistic Approach
  • ──Do Good
  • ──Integrity

best self

We believe that when you’re at your best, you do your best.


We believe in the power of simplicity.

holistic approach

We believe a holistic approach is the best approach.

do good

We believe we have a responsibility to do good for the planet.


We believe the Nootropics industry hides behind smoke and mirrors. We're here to change that.